New look of Fire Fox


Improved interface

Firefox button – All menu button are now accessible from one fire fox button.


Bookmarks- Manage your Bookmarks with single button


App Tabs

Take sites you always keep open—like Web mail—off your tab bar and give them a permanent home in your browser

To enable App tab, Right click and click “Pin as app tab”


Where ever you will open your fire fox browser , you will find the your App tab


Switch to Tab

As you’re opening a new tab or typing in the Awesome Bar, Firefox will check to see if you already have that site open. If you do, you’ll be directed to the existing tab so you don’t open a duplicate

Organize your Tabs with Panorama 

Too many tabs? Reclaim your browser from tab clutter! Panorama lets you drag and drop your tabs into manageable groups that you can organize, name and arrange in a fun and visual way. To get started with Panorama, simply select the Tab Groups icon when you customize your Navigation Toolbar or right click any tab to Move to Group.


Reopen Closed tabs windows

If you accidentally close a tab or window, you can reopen it in one click. Just view Recently Closed Tabs or Recently Closed Windows in the History menu and select the tab or window you’d like to reopen.

Stay in sync

Sync seamlessly connects your desktop and mobile Firefoxes, so you can access your browsing history, passwords, bookmarks and even open tabs no matter which device you use. Access years of desktop browsing the first day you fire up your mobile, and use saved passwords from your desktop to fill out forms on your phone.


Personal components, Email notifier, Privacy components, Weather components, Online radio player , Facebook… You will able to see bar…



There are lot of features available with the fire fox. You can browse @